Clean up Works!

I had the opportunity to work in this amazing project as Clean up Artist.
Thanks to Guille comin and Edgar Ferrer.

Commissioned by The Atlantic & Allstate, A True Story is an animated series honoring six organizations with innovative local approaches to pressing issues affecting communities across the country.

A True Story - Carly
The story of Carly is A True Story of a girl who knew how to believe in her dreams until fulfilled them, no matter what any other people thought.

A True Story - Gabriel
This is the true story of Rhys who was impacted by the work of the winning organization.

A True Story - Rhys
The story of Rhys, is that of a man who gave up his successful life to be able to do something in return for his community.

A True Story - Andrea
Andrea had a dream, but as in many other places, home prices were not affordable where she lived. This is her True Story.

A True Story - Imad
This sixth and last story of the animated series, the incredible story of a man and his struggle to find the welfare of him and his own family.